Rahma Funeral Home is experienced to send and receive human remains in any country of the world. We frequently send to Africa, Central America, Europe, Middle East and South Asia.


Embalming is not required by State of Texas, however in the event sending the human remains out of country requires the embalming.


Our estimate cost is $3500, plus airline cost. Cost from destination airport to burial ground is additional.

General Documents Required                                                 

Following document are mostly required to send to Embassy or Consulate to get

NOC or Permit to send the human remains to that country.


        • Original Passport of deceased (expired is okay)
        • Any ID card or birth certificate to prove citizenship of that country
        • Certified Death certificate from county or city
        • Non-contagious disease letter from county health department or doctor or JP
        • Burial Transit Permit from county or city  
        • Embalming certificate from Rahma funeral home
        • Shipping Container Affidavit from Rahma funeral home about the packing, if required
        • Police report if death is not natural


Shipping Container

If the casket is not used at the destination burial ground we send the human remain in a zeigler case. A metal box which meets the minimum requirement of the airline.




Shipping Procedure

  1. Contact transporing airline cargo department and reserve human remains as cargo
  2. Arrange transportation by air or land to that airline, if airline is not originating from Dallas/Fort Worth
  3. Arrange ground transportation from destination airport to burial ground, if required
  4. Help family member (escort) for his/her air ticket, if required