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    2. Direct burial, without casket and outer burial  container

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Islamic Funeral Service Charges at Different Cemeteries in DFW

Direct Service                                                      $2825.00

It is immediate burial, with Graveside Service:

  • Transfer of deceased to funeral home,
  • Use of refrigeration for 1 day,
  • Necessary services of funeral director and staff and authorizations
  • No embalming
  • Concrete Box (outer burial container)

(Cost of casket and cash advance are additional)

Traditional Service                                                $3,900.00

  • Transfer of deceased to funeral home,
  • Basic services of the funeral director and staff,
  • Embalming,
  • Other care of the deceased,
  • Visitation/Rosary (4hours),
  • Use of facilities and staff for funeral ceremony,
  • Funeral Coach (Hearse)
  • 20 ga steel casket with five color of choice

(Cost of concrete box and cash advances is additional)


Note: You may upgrade outer-burial container or casket by paying the difference in price as per our price list