About Us

Our family at Rahma Funeral Home promises the highest quality of care and utmost respect for your loved one by providing a meaningful funeral service for your family. We deliver unparalleled efficiency, dedication, and attention, resulting in an amazing track record for burial services and international transportation. We believe no two services (like no two people) should be exactly alike. We strive to cultivate a truly customized and affordable service for families of all religious beliefs, backgrounds, and cultures to encourage the healing process. 

Established in 2004

Rahma Funeral Home was established in August 2004. 

Serving the DFW Area

Rahma Funeral Home serves the communities in Dallas/Fort Worth and North Texas Area

Providing Low Cost Funeral Services

Rahma Funeral Home provides quality, low cost funeral services with honor and dignity.

Independent Family Owned

Rahma Funeral Home is independent and family owned.