We Currently Offer Grave Markers for Three Cemeteries 

Restland Memorial Park and Laurel Land in Dallas, Texas & Denton Muslim Cemetery in Krum, Texas

All headstones include the name of the deceased, date of birth, and the date of death.

*Due to shipping delays, we are unable to process any new Grave Marker orders for Denton Muslim Cemetery.*
*We are continuing to take Grave Marker orders for Restland Memorial Park and Laurel Land. however some options may not be available *

Restland Memorial Park & Laurel Land in Dallas, TX

We offer different styles of flat grave markers

 1) Granite only with vase (Unavailable) 

2)  Granite Bronze without vase

3)  Granite Bronze with vase

 We offer a variety of granite and bronze colors.

Denton Muslim Cemetery Krum, TX

We offer different styles of grave markers:

 1)  Flat Headstone (Unavailable)

2)   Slant Headstone (Unavailable)

3)   Upright Headstone (Unavailable)

For adding a grave boundary, you will need to reach out to

Larry Gabberd (Burial Ground Custodian) 

(940) 465 – 4134

His work also includes any custom designs within the boundary

Contact Information

You can reach us at: 

Hufsah Qazi

Headstone Division Manager

(972) 988 – 9863 / (972) 386 – 0383


Our Hours:

 Monday, Wednesday & Friday

1 PM – 4 PM