In our handeling of the deceased and consequential burying of the deceased

We here at Rahma Funeral Home take pride in using the Sunnah & the proper Islamic methods

That are based on cleanliness, utmost respect, and kindness to those whom we are privileged to help in their time of need. 
Use of Facility for Ghusul and Janazah Prayer:

Rahma Funeral Home has its own Ghusul room to wash the deceased. Some of the Masajid in DFW also have Ghusul rooms. If the family wishes to do Ghusul in one of these Masjids, they have to request permission from the management of that Masjid. Rahma Funeral Home can then take their equipment and supplies and wash the deceased there with the help of the family and local volunteers. 

Similarly, each family has the option to have the Janazah prayer performed at any Masjid of their choice, given permission from the management of that Masjid. Janazah prayer can also be performed at the cemetery.

Ghusul rooms are at: IANT Richardson, IATC FortWorth, Dar Elsalam Arlington, IAC Carrollton, Momin Center Irving and IILM Center Plano.

Al Baqi in Moore Gardens – Arlington

1219 N Davis Drive  Arlington, TX 76012

Farmersville Muslim Cemetery

333 County Road 557 Farmersville, TX 75442

Ar-Rawdah Muslim Cemetery – Joshua

5723 County Rd 1017, Joshua, TX 76058

Islamic Garden in Laurel Land Cemetery – Dallas

6300 SRL Thornton Fwy,
Dallas, TX 75232

Denton Muslim Cemetery

1903 Ripy Road,
Krum, TX 76249

Islamic Garden in Restland Memorial Park

13005 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75243

Garden of Mercy
in Rolling Oaks Memorial Center

400 Freeport Pkwy, Coppell, TX 75019

Muslim Cemteries in the DFW Area

We Specialize in Islamic Funeral Service and provide burial services in 7 Islamic Gardens throughout the DFW metroplex.

Note: These cemeteries have different parameters to choose from, best fitting your needs.
These include: distance, price, grave marker restrictions and buying more than one grave for your family.