Iman S. Rashada
Pre-Need Counselor/ Licensed Insurance Agent 

(214) 306-3904, (214) 809-4254

Why pre-arrangement?

The stress of making funeral plans can be emotionally devastating. Most  survivors have little knowledge of what  final arrangements their loved ones desired and the  expense often creates a financial burden on  the family.

Todaymore and more people are planning their  funeral arrangements in advance. Pre-arrangement allows you to  protect loved ones from additional emotiona stress and can eliminate the financial proble ms that often arise.

What is a pre-need plan?

Pre-Need plan consists of a Pre-Need funera contract outlining the funera goods and services that you desire and the insurance policy whose benefits are assigned to pay  for the funeral in the future.

Making these decisions in  a calm setting leaves no  financial surprises for your family. You guarantee your funera costs and merchandise at today‘s prices

The Advantages of a Pre-Need

It relives your loved ones from worry

Family and friends are spared the burden of making difficult decisions at an emotional time. Permanent records are carefully organized and kept with your complete memorial guide.

It freezes today’s cost

Protect yourself from inflation. Lock in today’s rates and eliminate emotional overspending. Funeral costs will continue to rise. With a Pre-Need plan, you can avoid future price increases.

FREE descendant coverage

Child, grandchild, and great-grandchild coverage is included as part of your contract at no additional cost

You get to choose your own funeral & Own affordable payment plan

There are many different ways to set up your plan. You can make monthly payments for up to 10 years, or make a single payment at a discounted price.